Brobee Party Supplies

Are you looking to throw a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party for your child? Is Brobee your child’s favorite character? Then check out these party favors and see if this set (and the other goodies) will help you throw the perfect birthday party!

Yo Gabba Gabba! Deluxe Party Pack

This Yo Gabba Gabba deluxe party pack has everything you need to decorate your house for a birthday celebration. It’s perfect for 8 guests, and if you need to, there’s an addon pack that includes an additional 8 invitations, cups, spoons, forks, knives, and plates, and 16 additional napkins.

The party pack includes:

  • 8 Invitations
  • 8 Cups
  • 8 Dinner plates
  • 8 Each of forks, knives, and spoons
  • 1 Solid color tablecloth
  • 1 Centerpiece
  • 1 Mylar balloon
  • 18 Ballons (in 3 colors)
  • 3 Colors of curling ribbon
  • 3 Colors of crepe paper
  • Star Confetti
  • Cake Candles

    Stick the Party on Brobee's Tummy Game

    If your child loves Brobee, then this game is perfect. It’s called “Stick The Party On Brobee’s Tummy” and it’s played like pin the tail on the donkey. Party guests will have fun sticking various foods on Brobee’s tummy! This game adheres to a wall, and comes with application and removal instructions.

    Yo Gabba Gabba! Party Favor Box

    If you’re wondering what to give your party guests as favors, consider this Yo Gabba Gabba party favor pack. Each kit is packaged in a radio shaped box, and is packs full of Yo Gabba Gabba branded items: a notepad, sticker sheet, ring, blowout, 8 jumbo sized crayons, and fun time bubbles! This will keep your guests occupied while they wait for cake and ice cream, or will make a great gift to send home with them.

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